“I love your commandments more than gold, even more than pure gold. That’s why I walk straight by every single one of your precepts. That’s why I hate every false path.”

Psalm 119:127–128 (CEV)

Have you ever touched a gold bar?

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

I know I haven’t. Imagine holding one of the these in your hand. It’s a resource whose worth has never lost value. Whether you were a king in ancient history or are a modern day investor, gold is always the best choice.

As I think about these verses in Psalm 119, and reflect on David’s relationship he has with God, I am struck with the power and passion that God’s Word delivers to a person seeking Him above all else.


We usually see this word used in relationship between a couple romantically involved or something extremely dedicated to their job or hobby. The root word for passion is latin and means “to suffer.” Here is the literal definition found at www.dictionary.com:

1125–75; Middle English (<Old French ) <Medieval Latin passiōn- (stem of passiō) Christ’s sufferings on the cross, any of the Biblical accounts of these (>late Old English passiōn), special use of Late Latin passiōsuffering, submission, derivative of Latin passus, past participle of patī to suffer, submit;

No, I didn’t doctor up the definition to make it Christian. When we hear the word passion, we can’t separate it from the historical act of Christ’s suffering documented across secular and biblical historians. Christ is the definition of passion. Passion is not a feeling. It’s an intentional response to a conviction about a person or truth. What was Christ convinced about? He was convinced that choosing to suffer on the cross was the only way for a perfect God to be in relationship with an imperfect humanity What created that conviction? We know He is the Son of God. To be the Son of God means He was there, at the beginning, intimately connected with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Christ made this decision to suffer out of his perfect, intimate relationship with His Father and the Holy Spirit.

When I read these verses, and how much David “loves” the commandments of God, I can’t help think of passion. David was so intimately connected with God, so deeply convinced that God’s ways were the only way, he literally could say that even having the finest gold was not on par with knowing God and experiencing His power on a regular basis. Friends that is passion. David willingly sacrificed the ways of fame, power and wealth for a greater way. He wanted to be with God and apart from the destructive patterns of the world. He was so caught up in the reality of God that nothing else mattered! And that way of living and believing is filled with power!

Before we move on though…

Pause for a second and consider this question:

Do you believe life with God is better than life without God? Why? Why not?


I don’t know about you, but being united with God through the bible may seem ancient, far fetched and a little flimsy. To be a “power-house” usually is tied to physical strength, high emotional IQ and just a raw “I can and will do anything I put my mind to” attitude.” Friends, David discovered a truth far better than this “self-help, self-motivating, self-fulfilling” attitude of today. David realizes that being united with God through His Word is the single greatest, unstoppable force that he can depend on to fight his battles, heal his wounds, motivate his hope, inspire his change and offer complete love and acceptance, no matter what. Walking in God’s ways isn’t just about following “rules, it’s literally David’s life source. It didn’t matter how wealthy he was, how many gold bars he had stored up, it mattered what was being stored up in his very soul. David faced some very difficult circumstances, like, having a death bounty on his head. What kept him going? What kept him focused? What kept his source of hope alive? What powered his will to keep going? David fully believe that life with God was better than life without God. His bond was not just with a set of rules/regulations, but with the ALIVE, all-powerful, all-loving God!

He walked in power! (Psalm 89:15–17)

He walked in freedom from fear! (Psalm 34:4)

He walked in joy! (Psalm 68:1–3)

He walked in gladness! (Psalm 21:6)

He walked in hope! (Psalm 119:114)

He walked with God! (Psalm 86:11)

Passionate intimacy with God leads to powerful obedience.

Friends, the ways of God look and feel very different than the world. David was very familiar with what the world offered and he never found it to be good enough. What he found was a unity with God that completely satisfied every single longing of the human heart. The very Word of God that he enjoyed was the single life-source he clung to through thick and thin. Riches, fame and power never truly helped David navigate and overcome the feelings of defeat, shame, guilt and brokenness that he experienced; and if we are honest, feelings and experience we all have dealt with.

But what did David come to realize? The only way to truly reject the world’s offers is by experiencing the deep intimacy with God through His Word. And that intimacy starts by first accepting the passion and person of Jesus Christ, and what he did on the cross to make it possible for us to have this type of relationship.

So I ask you to consider this question:

Do you believe in Jesus?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Do you believe in his perfect life, his death and resurrection? Do you believe by simple faith in Him that God makes you perfectly acceptable to be in relationship with Him? If you don’t, simply tell God.

Admit you are imperfect in every way and to be with a perfect God, you need a perfect substitute, and that was Jesus.

Believe Jesus is the only way.

Confess you want your life to be marked by a powerful obedience for following Jesus; It’s God’s way from now on.

For those of who you have believed, and maybe have lost sight of how awesome and powerful God truly is, let me ask you this question:

Do you desire oneness with God? If so, what is holding you back from spending an increasing amount of time with Him each day?

And finally.

Friends, if you have followed Jesus for 40 years or literally just trusted in Christ for the first time, God has made us to experience a passionate intimacy that leads to a powerful obedience. When we trust Jesus with everything we have, like David, obtaining worldly riches like gold bars, becomes the furthest thing from our minds. Instead we are consumed with wanting to be as close with God as possible, and living a power-packed life that demonstrates the amazing character and nature of God.

Is there something God is wanting to powerfully do through you? Will you ask him to give you the power to trust and obey?

I don’t know about you, but I’m in for the passionate, power-filled life with God.

How about you?

(P.S. If you did pray to trust Jesus for the first time, would you please comment below “I prayed!” I want to celebrate new life in Christ with you and be encouraging however I can in your new walk with Christ!)



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